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Today: 22 October 2016


CypLive Woman

101 life hacking of beauty that every woman should know

101 life hacking of beauty that every woman should know

To beauty please you for many years need to take good care of appearance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes women need a little more cunning than the banal purchase of ready funds for maintenance. If you are ready to deal with deficiencies and environmental factors in every way, you just need to know the life hacking 101 from this collection! They neither nuance appearance and health will not go unnoticed! Face 1. I spend depending on the season. In winter, need good moisturizing products in the summer - the means with SPF-filters. 2. Use a minimum of makeup in the summer. Prefer light tonalnika moisturizer or BB-creams. 3. Apply the cream, mask and other products for the face along the massage lines. There is a double effect: care + massage. 4. Do not squeeze pimples. From this they were even more noticeable.

As I touched you last banking crisis in Cyprus?

As I touched you last banking crisis in Cyprus?

Poor, I was under the poverty line

Saving both on the whole, but you can live

Nothing has changed for me

What crisis? My boat full tank

Happiness is not in money!

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CypLive AUTO

Named the most popular car brand in Russia

Named the most popular car brand in Russia

In the first nine months of the year 2016 Association of European Businesses in Russia identified the most popular car brands in the country. "The leaders - products of AvtoVAZ, for the period from January to September sold about 190 thousand. machines and the share of production in the automotive group of the Volga - 18,6%. However, it is gradually reduced - the negative dynamics was 6,7%. In second place - KIA c market share in 10,5% and more serious negative dynamics in 10,9%. On the third - the Hyundai, the products of this brand based on light commercial vehicles takes 9,9% of the market, but the negative dynamics of the most serious of the three leaders - minus 15,2% ", - sobschaet" Rossiyskaya Gazeta ". The lowest rates of incidence rate of sales at Nissan they (-24,3%), Mitsubishi (-54,3% and Datsun (-50,1%).


Family allowance

Family allowance

Allowance for minors in Cyprus can get any without exception nationals and foreigners legally residing on the island, if their income meets certain conditions. The main requirement is the permanent residence of the child, who is paid an allowance on the island, and his parents should not receive this allowance in any other country, provided that they make payments to the FSS Cyprus. However, many residents of Cyprus in recent years have complained that they have only a fraction of the sum of what is necessary. So what amount is to be paid? According to the Act came into force from January 1 2003 year, receive child allowance may be families in which there are:

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