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As "bad taste" came into vogue

As "bad taste" came into vogue

Does the concept of vulgarity and bad taste today? And that may be considered inappropriate in a world where not left virtually no restrictions, and the bad taste has become a kind of dignity. The task to choose a bag to your shoes and manage a monkey, but the ability to make the ugly beautiful - has aerobatics. Logomaniya Designers began to rethink and transform even the most absurd phenomena of the past. And they do it so cool that just amazed. Take, for example, the fashion for logos. Remember, at the beginning of all zero-shirts, bags and belts were filled with monograms and symbols? The world had to know "that I wear" (even if the thing was rough forgery).

How to deal with mortality on the roads of Cyprus?

How to deal with mortality on the roads of Cyprus?

increase fines

toughen punishment including imprisonment

the speed limit on all roads of Cyprus

increase the number of speed cameras

set "speed bumps" wherever possible

introduce mandatory traffic classes in all schools of Cyprus

prohibit personal auto / motor transport

go to the left-hand traffic

All of the above

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Mexico City, Madrid, Athens and Paris refuse to diesel engines to 2025godu

Mexico City, Madrid, Athens and Paris refuse to diesel engines to 2025godu

Cars with diesel engines will disappear from the streets in Mexico City, Paris, Athens and Madrid to 2025 year, according to the signed by the heads of administrations of the capitals of the agreement. The agreement was reached during the summit held in Mexico City "major cities Partnership on Climate Change" (S40). The purpose of the agreement is an attempt to provide a better air quality in these world cities. Also, the mayors of the capitals of the four decided to facilitate the transition to vehicles with alternative sources of energy, create the conditions for greater movement of residents walking and biking.


National cuisine of Cyprus

National cuisine of Cyprus

Centuries-old traditions and the history of Cyprus is reflected in the character of its inhabitants. People due to isolation and exclusion have learned to live in subsistence farming. In rural areas of the island residents are engaged in agriculture and raising livestock that sufficiently provide the necessary products, such as meat and sausage, homemade bread and all sorts of pastries, dairy products of its own production, including cheese, pourgouri and more. More recently, grain, oil and wine were stored in the "clerks", which are terracotta pots in the form of bulbs that can be seen today in the elements of decor.

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