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Road traffic offered to move in underground pipes

London-based PLP Architecture has prepared a draft of the underground road system for cars with autopilot. Cartube network involves the construction of roads trubopodobnyh under the city and can be more efficient high-speed rail.

According to the developers, Cartube is a system of narrow tunnels for cars with electric power plants and autopilot. The use of electric vehicles to avoid difficulties with ventilation "pipe", while the autonomous movement of the accident and eliminate overlapping routes.

At the same cars in the underground system can be an alternative to personal vehicles on city streets rather than public transport. It is expected that the car will deliver each individual passenger to the desired location.

The PLP Architecture emphasize that in front of large cities is a problem of extreme congestion of streets and network of underground roads "drones" to allow them to unload them seriously.

However, the authors of the project believe that Cartube can be effective under construction in London railway system Crossrail. As stated in an interview with Autocar head of the company PLP Architecture Research Lars Hesselgren, Crossrail is able to carry up to 18 thousand passengers per hour. Cartube Network, where cars could travel at a speed of about 65 kilometers per hour, designed for transportation of 40 thousand people per hour.

At the moment the company is looking for investors for the further development of the project. In particular, it requires the development of software for the operation of the network. The PLP Architecture believed that the project could be ready for implementation five years.


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