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British equipped Range Rover «smart" speed limiter

The company Jaguar Land Rover Range Rover SUV unveiled model year 2017. This was reported in the press release, Received "" on Friday, August 19. The model will receive a Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic version created by the division of Special Vehicle Operations. Under the hood of this car engine capacity V8 550 horsepower.

Cars of the new model series are equipped with a function of Advanced Tow Assist, which helps the driver to reduce the level of stress when reversing with a trailer, and intelligent speed limiter, automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to the existing constraints. Speed ​​information is read road signs recognition system.

Range Rover is also equipped with driver's condition monitoring system and support system in the prevention of road accidents when changing lanes - in the latter case, an autonomous system of self-adjusts the vehicle course, if the driver changes lane without seeing other road users in the blind zone.

The machines updated interior: leather seats with diamond-contrast stitching available in four colors. Interior decoration door and the front panel is decorated with inlays of colored veneer Grand Black with red frame. Washer Gearbox selector, start and stop the engine button and pedal got complicated ribbed pattern.


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