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Danes dispersed elektrobayk to 300 kilometers per hour

The Danish company Fenris Motorcycles built a prototype electric motorcycle, claiming the title of fastest production elektrobayka in the world. According Ride Apartso reference to the general director of the company Jesper Wajda, the maximum speed of the motorcycle exceeds 300 kilometers per hour.

one electric motor of its own design firm used in the bike. It 200-strong unit weighing only 12,5 kilos, while the total weight of the prototype 196 kilos. According to the developers, the bike accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour within three seconds. Cruising is not reported.

The design elektrobayka suspension applied with a pendulum for the front and rear wheels, while the dampers located beneath the engine roughly midway between the wheels.

His only competitor in Fenris Motorcycles believe the Italian firm Energica, specializing in electric motorcycles. At this point in the company's line has two models, the most powerful of them is equipped with 136-horsepower engine and accelerates to 240 kilometers per hour.

In 2019 the Danes are planning to release the first batch of elektrobayka 500 volume copies.


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