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Dodge Challenger will be the first all-wheel drive

The company will release first Dodge serial-wheel drive sports car modification Challenger. This is with reference to its own source reports Automotive News.

It is expected that the new version of the model, which will debut in the autumn of the year 2016, designated GT AWD. Coupe equip 5,7-liter unit V8 HEMI, which is the standard setting develops 375 horsepower.

In addition, a top 2017 year modification "Challenger» - Hellcat - will dregovy version of ADR (American Drag Racer). Muscle car will get a body kit «wide-body» with extended wheel arches that allow you to set a wider tire for high-speed races on short distances.

It is expected that the Challenger Hellcat ADR will complement forced 6,2-liter compressor "eight", which is currently developing 717 881 horsepower and Nm of torque.

Closer to 2019, the Dodge Challenger will release the next generation. Muscle car built on the "fiatovskom" Giorgio modular chassis debuted on sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia. With the new platform, the coupe would be lighter than its predecessor by about 220 kilos.

In 2021 year Dodge lineup will open sports car, whose name will revive the Barracuda (under that name in the x-60 and 70-ies produced sports cars of mark Plymouth). "Barracuda" based on the new Challenger, but the convertible will get a completely different body.


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