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"Ford" announced capacity of the new GT engine

Ford has announced the specifications turbo engine 3.5 V6 family EcoBoost, which is installed on the supercar GT last generation. Giving back is the motor horsepower and 655 745 Nm of torque.

"Dry" mass model is 1360 kilos. The maximum speed of Ford GT is equal to 347 kilometers per hour, making dvuhdverku the fastest production car of the American automaker.

In addition, the "Ford" announced the time for which the GT goes a circle on 5,05-kilometer Canadian route Calabogie Motorsports Park, consisting of 20 turns. Supercar does it for a minute 2 9,8 seconds. This is a second faster than McLaren 675LT and 3,1 seconds faster than Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Previously, Ford also reported that the new GT electronics has five operating modes: standard, sport, track, for driving on wet roads and in order to achieve maximum speed. In the latter case, the activated track suspension settings, and the settings are changed aerodynamic elements to minimize drag.

The current plan, "Ford" implies that the GT will be four years. During this time, the automaker will bring to Canadian companies Multimatic Motorsport facilities, specializing in professional racing, a thousand cars. In the first batch of cars 500 6506 American automaker has received applications.


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