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McLaren has confirmed the development of client successor supercar F1

Management Company McLaren supercar McLaren F1 approved development project successor. This is with reference to "one of the main customers" said the publication of the British brand Carbuzz.

At the moment, hypercar, which will be built around a carbon fiber monocoque P1 upgraded model, known under the internal designation hyper-GT. New borrow a number of stylistic solutions from the original F1, including opening up the door and at the top of the air intake of the body. In addition, the model will receive a triple salon located in the center of the driver's seat.

Earlier it was reported that the successor will complement F1 3,8-liter twin-turbo unit V6 capacity of over 700 horsepower. Now Carbuzz suggests that the hypercar will be equipped with a hybrid power plant, created on the basis of this unit. The novelty should become "one of the most powerful model in the history of the British brand."

We will only hypercar road version with a body "coupe" - the creation of an open track and Spyder version is not provided. Construction vehicles division will McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Results will be released 106 copies of the model - the same as the original was made F1. The first customers will receive their hypercar in 2019 year.

It is expected that an official statement on the development of McLaren F1 successor will be made in the near future.

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