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Koenigsegg created 1341-strong "megakar"

The Swedish company Koenigsegg has published the first photos of the coupe One: 1, which is expected to become the fastest car in the world authorized to drive on public roads. The manufacturer calls novelty "megakarom" and the first "car to megawatts" (as the power of its engine is 1000 kilowatts). The public debut of the model will take place at the Geneva Motor Show.

Hypercar will receive a five-liter eight-cylinder engine with two turbines, developing 1341 1371 horsepower and lb.-ft. of torque (at 6000 rpm). The motor is mounted with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches, Koenigsegg developed independently. The motor can run on ordinary gasoline and a racing fuel and bioethanol E85.

The device weighs 1341 pounds, allowing power to mass ratio reaches one horsepower per kilogram. It follows the model name - One: 1, ie, "one to one". Weight distribution - 44: 56 percent in favor of the rear axle.

From zero to 400 kilometers an hour Koenigsegg able accelerated for 20 seconds and at a complete stop from this speed hypercar need 10 seconds. The rest of the dynamic characteristics of the model have not been announced, but the company believes that the One: 1 be able to beat the world record, as in the dispersal to "hundreds" and to 200 300 and kilometers per hour.

In addition, hypercar got active shock absorbers, carbon spring, fully carbon fiber wheels (19-inch on the front axle and 20-inch at the rear), special tires Michelin Cup Tires, capable of withstanding up to speed 440 kilometers per hour, as well as six-piston brakes with carbon-ceramic 397-millimeter discs on the front.

Also Koenigsegg One: 1 received active aerodynamic elements, which include two separately controlled electronics divider on the front bumper and rear wing with a hydraulic drive that can work as an air brake. The company argued that the entire wing structure, including providing its work mechanisms, weighs only six pounds. The elements provide downforce 600 pounds, and lateral loads machines can reach 2g.

As previously reported, the new hypercar will cost two million dollars. While Koenigsegg will lose money on each such machine, as the cost of production would be much higher retail price. On this course of Swedish company will go in order to increase brand awareness Koenigsegg.

There will be collected six copies One: 1. Each of them have already bought by pre-orders.

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