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Infiniti has introduced a revolutionary engine

Infiniti released the first image engine with variable compression ratio, which the company called "revolutionary" and "a breakthrough." It was announced back in July 19, 29 public premiere will be held in September at the Paris Motor Show.

The new two-liter turbo Nissan received a crankshaft, which is put on a kind of rocker. The left crank arm attached to it, on the right - a lever controlled by an electric motor. The movement of the lever changes the position of the rod relative to the crankshaft and physically alters the compression ratio - from 8: 1 (for high performance) and 14: 1 (for high performance).

The Japanese brand said that the new engine in the 27 3,5 percent efficiency-liter petrol V6. Furthermore, it will be cheaper to manufacture than turbodizeli. President Roland Kruger company called VC-T «revolutionary step in optimizing the efficiency of the internal combustion engine" technology.

Infiniti Engine power is kept secret. According to Motoring publications, returns will be 268 horsepower (390 Nm).

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration

Motor VC-T will debut in 2017 year QX50 crossover new generation. Now the model passes the final finishing, apparently it will remind concept QX Sport Inspiration.

More information about future models of Infiniti technologies and secret - in a report "through the infinite."

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