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Los Angeles has become a favorite city of the US hijackers

The most popular city among US thieves became Los Angeles, where the owners have lost 57 247 thousand cars over the last year. In addition, among the "Top-10» states with the highest number of car thefts per capita California takes eight seats. This is stated in otcheteNatsionalnogo US Bureau of insurance crimes (NICB).

The second largest number of thefts took San Francisco, where 2015 thousand cars have been stolen over the years 30,5. Followed by Houston (25,4 thousand stolen cars), New York (22,3 thousand) and Chicago (19,5 thousand). The total number of hijackings in the country compared with 2014 year, according to preliminary FBI report for the first half of 2015-increased by about one percent.

The leader in the number of thefts per capita is the city of Modesto, California. Over the past year there have stolen more than four thousand cars or cars on the 756 100 thousand inhabitants.

In the "Top-10» also includes Albuquerque (New Mexico, 733 machine to 100 thousand inhabitants), Bakersfield (California, 680 machines), Salinas (California, 676 machines), San Francisco (California, 656 machines), Stockton (California, 641 machine), Pueblo (Colorado, 600 machines), Merced (California, 597 machines), Riverside (California, 556 machines) and Vallejo-Fairfield (California, 539 machines).

Least of all vehicles have been stolen in Midland, Michigan (21 car), and on the number of per capita - in State College, Pennsylvania (22 machine).

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