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McLaren created a supercar toy

British manufacturer McLaren car has created a small copy of the roadster P1. The car runs on batteries and is designed for children up to seven years, according to Highsnobiety.

Three speeds provided in the vehicle, acceleration takes 2 seconds, and the machine may move in reverse. In addition, the Roadster is equipped with a miniature MP3-player and music system with programmed children's songs. In the sale of it will go to the end of October, the price - 485 dollars.

The original McLaren P1 - British supercar with a hybrid engine. The world premiere took place in the model year 2013 during the Geneva Motor Show.

In February 2016 the company Radio Flyer has created a small copy of the car Tesla Model S. The toy is available in several colors: black, dark blue and red. The appliance is fitted plates and hood decorated with the emblem of the manufacturer's brand. The car runs on batteries. Price - about 500 dollars.


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