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Mexico City, Madrid, Athens and Paris refuse to diesel engines to 2025godu

Cars with diesel engines will disappear from the streets in Mexico City, Paris, Athens and Madrid to 2025 year, according to the signed by the heads of administrations of the capitals of the agreement.

The agreement was reached during the summit held in Mexico City "major cities Partnership on Climate Change" (S40).

The purpose of the agreement is an attempt to provide a better air quality in these world cities. Also, the mayors of the capitals of the four decided to facilitate the transition to vehicles with alternative sources of energy, create the conditions for greater movement of residents walking and biking.

The mayors of the cities participating in the summit, asked the manufacturers of cars and buses to join the agreement and cease to 2025, the release of diesel cars by going to a wider production of hybrid cars and electric vehicles with engines. Also, an alternative to private transport development called metro systems and high-speed bus, moving on special dedicated lanes.

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