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In Taiwan indicative destroyed Lamborghini supercar

The Taiwan authorities made a demonstrative destruction of the supercar Lamborghini Murcielago SV, which has been withdrawn by the owner as a penalty for violation of local laws. Videotapes, which depicted a car tearing apart cranes, appeared on YouTube.

The history of this supercar began in 2013, when police stopped a Lamborghini for a routine check of documents. In its course it turned out that the license plate on a sedan Murcielago belongs to Ford.

According to Taiwanese law, the car was confiscated. The owner of the machine, the pilot of one of the local airlines on behalf of Lin, tried to appeal, but all his appeals were dismissed.

Demonstrative destroy supercar, stood for three years in a warehouse, it had been arranged on Wednesday, December 14, and even shown in the news release of the local TV channel. None of the confiscated machine parts can not be sold, so the Murcielago was torn into small pieces. According to authorities, this case should serve as a warning to other offenders.

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