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Home sales of tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia was postponed to May

Organizers of the Grand Prix in Sochi, Russia announced the postponement of the start date of the sale of tickets for the race of the Formula-1, which will be held in October. Initially it was assumed that the tickets will be sold with 4 March, but now the beginning of sales postponed until May.

According to a press release from the organizers of the race, changing the date of commencement of sales of "adjusted for the unique experience gained during the Olympic Winter Games." Currently considered a number of "alternative arrangements ticket sales." Whether the introduction of passports fans as the Olympics, the report does not say.

Despite the fact that the tickets will be sold only in May, fans can pre-order the new site, due to open in early March.

"All pre-order on the official website are guaranteed to get the opportunity to purchase tickets and maximum choice - expected early information of buyers and sales of tickets in a matter of priority," - said in a statement the organizers.

Earlier Oleg Zabara, deputy director of the center "Omega", dealing with the organization of the race, said that the minimum cost of tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia will 7 thousand.

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