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Named the most popular car color in the world

The American firm Axalta Coating Systems (formerly known as DuPont Performance Coatings) published the results of the annual survey, which determines the most popular car color in the world, including Russia. Experts pointed out that in recent times there is a tendency to return to the fashion machine with bright colored body.

"We continue to see the complete dominance of neutral colors, but there is a caveat. Increasingly, buyers prefer brighter shades, so we can say that in the future, "colorful" cars will once again become the mainstream ", - said the marketing manager Axalta Nancy Lockhart.

According to the study, white remains the most popular color in the world. It painted four of the ten new cars sold.

The most popular car color in the world

PlaceColorThe share of cars
1 White 37%
2 The black 18%
3 Gray 11%
4 Silver 11%
5 Red 6%
6 Blue 6%
7 Brown / Beige 6%
8 Yellow 3%
9 Green 1%
10 Others 1%

In Russia, too, the most popular color is white, which accounts 28 percent of all cars sold. The second place goes silver (17 percent of machines), and the third most popular color is black (16 percent).

The most popular car color in Russia

PlaceColorThe share of cars
1 White 28%
2 Silver 17%
3 The black 16%
4 Gray 10%
5 Blue 9%
6 Brown / Beige 8%
7 Red 5%
8 Green 5%
9 Others 2%
10 Yellow 1%

Among Axalta it noted that Russia has recently grown in popularity of green cars. Compared with the year 2014 the sale of such vehicles has increased from one to five percent. In addition, in Russia recorded the world's highest proportion of brown and beige cars, which account for eight percent of all new cars.

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