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"Nikola" presented 1000-strong wagon on hydrogen

The American company Nikola Motor introduced the first sample 1000-strong hydrogen tractor One, announced in the summer of 2016 years. New for customers which brand will develop its own network of filling stations, may pass without refueling almost 2000 kilometers.

The tractor is equipped with power plant on hydrogen fuel cells. In this system, electricity generated during the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen stored in the batteries which feed motors. Range stroke model will depend on the choice of tanks and battery capacity configuration: from the 1287 1931 to kilometers (from the 800 1200 to miles).

At the top-end version of the tractor will get integrated into the chassis battery capacity 320 kilowatt-hours of electric power and 1000 horsepower (2711 Nm of torque).

The developers claim that fuel consumption tractor and a half to two times more economical than comparable models on the characteristics of "heavy fuel". At the same time Nikola One about 900 kilos lighter than comparable machines with classical engine - from the weight of up to 8,1 9,5 ton depending on the version.

Along with the premiere of his first tractor company told about the impending more affordable version - Nikola Two. It will be different reduced cab.

For buyers hydrogen model American company intends to build a refueling 364 in the United States and Canada. Work will begin in January 2018 years.

However, Nikola Motor will offer a leasing program, within which is provided a monthly fee in the amount of from five to seven thousand dollars. The duration of payments totaling 72 months unlimited mileage and with free refills. At the expiration of the term or to achieve run a million miles tractor can deliver on the program of trade-in and get a new car at no extra cost.

Serial production of hydrogen tractors will be established at the new plant of the company, the construction of which will begin in 2017-2018 years. Investment in the company is estimated at one billion dollars. The first copies of the models will be transferred to the customers 2020 year.

Earlier it was reported that Nikola One has already received more than seven thousand applications. The amount of orders valued at more than 2,3 billion dollars.


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