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Nissan will develop a new type of power plant on fuel cells

Company Nissan is developing a new type of power plant on fuel cells. Electricity for the unit will be generated by an electrochemical reaction between bioethanol and air.

The new system, which is going to use Nissan, called Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell (SOFC) (solid oxide fuel cell). The Japanese claim that this kind of fuel cells will be used in the automotive industry for the first time.

The power plant uses a special transducer, whereby hydrogen released from ethanol. Then, hydrogen reacts with atmospheric oxygen and then the electricity produced. The only "exhaust" of this process is ordinary water.

With full fuel tanks of cars can pass to 600 kilometers.

Bioethanol is obtained from sugar cane. Its massively they are grown in Asia as well as in South and North America, so the production cost of fuel and do not require large expenditures. In addition, currently developed technology of bioethanol from organic waste and other resources.

The "Nissan" confident that their system of self-isolation of hydrogen from bioethanol reduces the need for complex processing of the entire fuel infrastructure. The Japanese believe that this is the reason for delaying the appearance of a massive conventional hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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