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Porsche has released a new car for the race at Le Mans

The German company for the production of sports and luxury car maker Porsche has introduced a new race car category LM-GTE. This "" reported in the Russian representation of the brand.

Single car Porsche 911 RSR is made based on the classical model of 911, and intended to participate in 24-hour race in Le Mans (France) and Daytona (USA). The car is equipped with a six-cylinder boxer engine, naturally aspirated power 510 horsepower, located in front of the rear axle. Four-liter power unit is equipped with direct fuel injection, the hard drive of valves and different economy.

The car is equipped with a warning system Collision Collision Avoid System, is based on the radar. The new concept of security and the new frame is rigidly screwed racing seat further enhance the security of the pilot.

"When you save a typical design of 911-it is the biggest in the history of the evolution of our top model GT», - said the head of Porsche motorsport department Frank-Steffen Vallizer.

The debut of new items will be held in January 2017 years to race at Daytona.


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