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Presented car for racing drones

In Barcelona, ​​the world's largest mobile industry exhibition Mobile World Congress debut the final version of the design Roborace racing car series, which will compete with cars driven by artificial intelligence. Races will be scheduled as a support race of the Formula E - championship for electric vehicles with open wheels.

Overall race car length is about five meters, and width - two meters. UAV is equipped with four 300-kilowatt electric motor (one for each wheel) and weighs 975 kilos. Such a machine can accelerate to 320 kilometers per hour.

The car is controlled by a supercomputer Drive PX2, developed by American manufacturer Nvidia graphics processors. It receives information from five lidar two radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, two optical detectors and six speed cameras, one of which - 360-degree.

In mid-February, the debut Roborace Series race, which involved not the final version of the machines, and prototype called DevBot. This race ended in failure. According to the developers, AI tried to "push the boundaries", but as a result of a car crashed into a fence.

Since July, will chase only two Roborace machines, and from next season, the Formula E Championship is due to start full. It is assumed that all the technical stuffing of cars will the same, but the software, which is responsible for control of the car, the team will be able to develop on their own.

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