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Siberia included in the world map off-road

Siberia fell into the world of off-road map drawn up by an international team of scientists. This writes the journal Science.

The work on the project took part a team of researchers led by Pierre Ibishov (Pierre Ibisch) from the German University of ekoustoychivogo in Eberswalde.

Scientists have created a map of the most valuable in terms of ecology regions where reflected the situation with roads. Blue color on it was marked areas where the distance between the nearest roads averages 65-80 kilometers (the maximum rate). In this area, apart from Siberia, were most of Brazil, parts of Africa, Indonesia, and Papua - New Guinea.

Burgundy color on the map marked with the territory, where the distance between adjacent tracks is less than a kilometer (the lowest figure in this case). In this category fall many European countries, in particular Italy, Germany, France, as well as the eastern and central regions of the United States.

In general, according to scientists, about 80 percent of the earth's surface can be attributed to the road. These areas are often very important for the conservation of biodiversity, regulation of the water cycle in nature and impact on the climate, the researchers noted.


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