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"Tesla" increase the power reserve top version Model S and Model X

Tesla Motors will release new versions of electric Model S and Model X with a designation 100D, who will lose their «P» prefix in the name. It is expected that these model variants will have the greatest power reserve amid all the automaker's lineup. Reported Electrek.

New items will be positioned as a "non-charged" versions of top modifications Model S and Model X, which are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a capacity 100 kilowatt-hours. They will not be as fast as version P100D, but can drive substantially greater distance due to reduced energy consumption.

Earlier, Tesla Model S P100D called "green" car with the greatest reserve. Electric trolley is able to travel on a single charge before 315 miles, which is equivalent to 507 kilometers.

In early November, the head of the "Tesla" Elon Musk has promised to upgrade the high performance propulsion mode Ludicrous Mode models in versions P100D, which will improve the dynamics of the electric cars. Now the Model S in this version can accelerate from zero to 96 kilometers per hour in 2,5 seconds and crossover Model X - for 2,9 seconds.


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