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China has launched a bus-portal

China has begun testing portal bus. The vehicle is designed to carry passengers on the second floor, leaving him free under the two-lane road. On it informs edition of Popular Mechanics.

Tests are carried out in the urban district of Qinhuangdao, located in the eastern province of Hubei, where the bus portal TEB-1 followed by a special track. Testing includes an assessment of the braking system efficiency, drag and energy consumption.

According to the creators, the bus portal is able to carry up to 300 passengers. The length of the TEB-1 22 reaches meters, width - 7,8 meters, and height - 4,8 meters. Move it using a special rail road.

For the first time TEB-1 was submitted in May 2016 year at the international exhibition in Beijing. The purpose of the vehicle is called unloading urban district roads. Interest in the bus TEB-1 showed Brazil, France, India and Indonesia.


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