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In Turin debuted powerful Italian hypercar

Company Mazzanti Automobili presented at the Motor Show in Turin coupe Millecavalli (in Italian - "thousand horses"). Novelty called "the most powerful Italian hypercar, which will be produced."

Mazzanti Millecavalli equipped 7,2-liter twin-turbo unit V8, developing 1000 1200 horsepower and Nm of torque and a six-speed sequential transmission. Engine outputs to 50 forces greater than the power plant supergibrida Ferrari LaFerrari, who was considered the most powerful commodity Italian model.

Coupe is capable of accelerating from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in 2,7 seconds. Maximum speed was 400 kilometers per hour. For comparison, Ferrari LaFerrari gaining "hundreds" for three seconds, and top speed is limited to 350 kilometers per hour.

Weight hypercar Mazzanti Millecavalli, built on the basis Evantra model, no more than 1300 kilos. The news is based on a monocoque steel, molybdenum and carbon. Novelty has an aerodynamic body kit with the system «Ala Soffiata» ( «wings of the wind"), directing the hot air from the engine compartment through the rear wing that increases downforce.

Coupe received carbon-ceramic brakes Brembo, alloy wheels OZ Racing tires with Pirelli Trofeo R.

In Turin debuted Millecavalli preproduction prototype. In the future the company will continue to optimize Mazzanti hypercar settings "on the best racetracks of the world."

Assembling cars is scheduled to begin before the end of the year 2016. Circulation coupe Millecavalli, the value of which is not yet known, will limit 25 instances.

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