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Americans will save neglected children in the car with the help of the sensor

American start-Sense a Life has developed a device that will help prevent the death of a child from heat stroke, left in the car inadvertently. Fundraising for special transmitter will begin in April this year on kraudfandingovom resource Kickstarter.

The authors of the devices have become residents of Florida Fadi Shammah, Jim Friedman and Masud Husain. The device comprises two sensors and one GPS-module - mounted on the first child seat and responds to the presence of the child, the second driver is attached to the seat and responsive to the opening of the door. The transmitter is installed between the seat and the threshold.

If the driver has forgotten child in the car, GPS-device sends a message to your smartphone. If it is ignored, the following message will automatically go to the phone of a relative.

Developers are confident that the Sense a Life will be popular in the states with warm climates. The cost of the device is not called. Those who order it right now, given 75-percent discount.

According to statistics, in 2013 year from heat stroke in the United States, resulting in a closed car, killing 44 child. In total this year as a result of road accidents, with the exception of an accident, the child died 184. 107 deaths associated with collisions when driving on the yard area, with 61 of them - when reversing. In 2014 31 year lost a child in a closed car, and in the year 2015 - 24 child. In 2016 year we have already recorded two such cases - killed children 7 and 13 months.

Since 1998 2015 by year 83 percent of these incidents were caused by the forgetfulness of parents and nannies. Only in the 17 percent of the children were left in the car deliberately. 32 percent of deaths in a closed car falls on children under the age of one year.

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