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The British did the navigator style rally transcripts

British navigator developed for mobile gadgets that describes the route as a rally co-driver. The app, which is called the Rally SatNav, available for download on Google Play. The Apple AppStore program yet.

The app works as a normal browser, which is necessary to drive the destination and the program will pave the route itself. This voice prompt will run about every turn, telling him to distance, direction and steepness.

The program is based on a system in which ten values ​​are used to indicate the slope turns. For example, in 180 meters to the right turn on 40 degree voice commands inform «180, right, 4». Plus, the program is able to describe rotations ligament.

The developers claim that the application will work in any country of the world. The ruble cost of the program in Google Play at the moment of writing the news of the ruble 64 57 cents.

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