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Designer V12 built of wood and stone

Belgian designer Eric Van Hove completed one of the most ambitious and labor-intensive projects in his career - the artistic copy 12-cylinder engine made of a variety of semi-precious materials. As the sample was taken real V12 Mercedes-Benz, which was dismantled more than 400 individual parts. 35 Moroccan craftsmen produced replicas of each of them in accordance with their craft, after which the engine has been assembled again.

List of used materials is currently stupor. Cedar wood, walnut, ebony, orange and lemon trees; nacre, fossilized shells of Paleozoic era, cow and goat bones and horns; granite, marble, sandstone, onyx, tiger's eye, malachite, agate; copper, silver, aluminum, brass, as well as ... henna and sorrel - over 55 materials found in Morocco.

All this beauty sawed, cast minted, forged, wove, spun, glued and painted by hand to get a unique scale, price and futility of a work of art. The designer says that his goal was to beat in the form of art fusion of European and African approaches to the design, but it seems to us that the true answer a little more prosaic. Grant to build a miracle engine company allocated Laraki - creator of the first Moroccan supercar, which we described recently.

Resourceful HR, do not say anything! And elegant decoration for the living room oligarch with exotic flavors.

On materials:

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