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For Santa Claus came up with the sledge-pick-up with the autopilot

American advertising agency White64 jokingly suggested Santa Claus sleigh with autopilot. JNGL64 model is a semblance of a pickup truck with skids instead of wheels and allegedly accelerated to 3,676 million kilometers per hour.

In the sled under a false White64 Motors brand has its own page on the Internet and configurator. It is possible to choose, for example, one in five shades of red, license plate and a statuette on the hood (in the form of a deer, angel, snowman, or a festive Christmas tree), as well as one of two types of runners.

For comfortable movement of Santa Claus in his sleigh has cup holders with heating function ( "hot cocoa") and Wi-Fi access point. JNGL64 autopilot system is called Rudolph Red-Nose Guidance System - in honor of the cartoon "The Adventures of a young deer Rudolf" and the main character, who was born with a red nose.

In 2015, the sleigh for Santa Claus has prepared Mercedes-Benz company, also offer special configurator. The choice was available in three versions: on the basis of a racing car brand 1950-ies, the concept car F 015 Luxury in Motion or SUV G-Class. In addition, you can choose one of three drive types: full 4Matic (four deer), Hybrid (two deer, two horses) and the AMG (four elk-eyed).


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