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"That awkward moment": the rating of the clumsy vehicles

In the United States ranked the most clumsy, ugly, low-prestige and simply ugly cars. Questioned not aestheticism experts and visitors, so the list went very personable. In addition to specific models, called also the things that most decent car can turn on a road scarecrow.

The most ridiculous color - purple. With a slight delay on the second - third places yellow and orange. I wonder whether cancels the "curse color" buy "hot" models from Ford - the traditional color of cars with labeling ST is sickly carrot.

Least favorite size - compact urban avtomobilchiki. In second place - minivans. According to CBSNews, publishes Rating: "Endure, good family men. This minivan is the best excuse to buy a Porsche during the good old midlife crisis."

Ugliest accessories - stickers "cilia" around the headlights, bumper stickers, body kits and spoilers in the spirit of "Fast and the Furious" and the warning sign "to the family car" on the rear window.

Finally, the ten most ridiculous cars.

10. Root Honda Element, in the opinion of the Japanese intended for "extreme to 30 years," born of a desire to buy them, but only cognitive dissonance. Model collected 15% of the vote.

9. Chrysler PT Cruiser, opens on retro fashion, now looks simply outdated. Of kitsch he was just too "grandfather's" considered respondents.

8. Pontiac Aztek, a multiple winner of the ugliest car - and only in eighth place? Avtokritik Dan Neil thinks that his "could not hate more, even if the grille was a swastika." Incidentally, when the creators of the series "Breaking Bad" needed a "machine for loser in life", the choice fell on the Aztek.

7. Lincoln Town Car - the best way to announce to all on the road: "I'm older than your grandfather." Large, imposing and unwieldy. It can be taken only if it is a taxi and you do not have dishonored the wheel.

6. Subaru Baja - "the most fun" of the cars caught in the rating. That's an understatement. Edition of Car and Driver also noted that it was probably the only case where the guys from Subaru despised all tips designers.

5. Volkswagen Beetle. Heir to the iconic model 60-x will swear for what the new incarnation car did too "nice little" - suitable for cheerleaders and dancers. However, so high in the ranking of the car moved only by the voices of the men surveyed - every fourth assured that behind the wheel "Beetle" will not sit down. Women were more supportive.

4. Chevrolet SSR - an attempt to create a new niche, combining in one car pickup, hot rod sports car ... and failed, of course. Strange beast tried to sell 3 years, during this time produced about 24 000 cars.

3. Hummer H2: "I am a clerk, because I was not taken into the army." Machine for a lawyer who wants to get the New Year MANPADS and wipes away a tear, reviewing "I've had enough" with Michael Douglas.

2. Nissan Cube. What this car is worse than the other "cube on wheels" Honda Element? Well, for example, through an overview of the rear side windows, which are a third closed dark plastic. Each third of the respondents named this car ridiculous.

1. Smart Fortwo - super compact kid with the dynamics of the mower and the same number of options: radio and air conditioning, too, must be ordered separately. Machine caused the rejection of almost half of the respondents. And when the plot behind the wheel of Top Gear Stig avtomobilchika planted, it became clear that even turns Smart is not always when the driver so desires.


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