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Google came up with turn signals recognition system

Google has patented a detection system incorporated turn signals to other cars. This technology will be used for autopilots. Patent Application US corporation filed in June 2013 years, but information about it was published by the appropriate agency in April 2016-th.

The Google system uses a special camera with a fast shutter speeds that "watches" the traffic situation in front of the car. Electronics will be able to recognize the color change signal or blinking, and will be able to distinguish The deployed emergency gang. Then, in accordance with the received data, the autopilot computer will decide on further action.

"Google" is experiencing an autopilot system to 2009 years. During this time, cars drove offline 2,7 million kilometers, participated in 11 minor accident, and their control electronics sboila 270 more times per year.

The Corporation plans to organize a taxi service stand-alone and release its own unmanned electric car. Google Now can go on unmanned vehicles in Arizona, California, Texas and Washington.

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