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"Honda" taught lawnmower typing "hundred" in four seconds

Company "Honda" in conjunction with the racing team Team Dynamics, which exposes the Japanese manufacturer of cars on the UK National Championship Touring Car racing BTCC, built lawnmower with 110-horsepower engine. Novelty, called Mean Mower, is able to accelerate to "hundreds" of four seconds.

The novelty is based on a conventional mower 20-strong HF2620 «Lawn Tractor», which received liter sportbike from Honda VTR 1000F Firestorm, six-speed transmission with the ability to change speed buttons on the steering wheel, reinforced brakes and seat ATV Cobra.

Mean Mower mower weighs 140 pounds, and its power to weight ratio is 540 horsepower per ton. Maximum speed of a novelty - 160 kilometers per hour. Noise level issue is 130 decibels. Cutting blade such "Honda", capable to mow the lawn at a speed 24 kilometers per hour, is powered by two electric motors.

Honda and Team Dyanmics not planning mass production of Mean Mower. "Our main objective was to build a machine that has never been done. The biggest challenge was to preserve the appearance of the lawn mower and cut the grass opportunities "- said one of the project leaders Pete Kroll.

Earlier, Honda has built a robotic lawnmower Miimo, equipped with sensors that prevent collisions with obstacles and unique blades that without consequences for their own effectiveness experiencing strikes on rocks and other hard objects.

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