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"Honda" broke up a lawnmower to 187 kilometers per hour (VIDEO)

Honda has set a Guinness World Record for the maximum speed of lawnmowers. Established manufacturer of one-off mower called Mean Mower overclocked to 187,6 kilometers per hour. Thus, she was able to surpass the previous record set in 2010 year on 32 kilometers per hour.

To get into the Guinness Book of Records is necessary that the distance was passed in both directions, and then calculated the average speed. So, Honda lawn mower in one direction overclocked to 189,174 kilometers per hour, and in return - to 186,046 kilometers per hour.

Mean Mower behind the wheel was the editor of the British magazine Top Gear Pierce Ward. Arrivals held at the test site of the Spanish engineering firm IDIADA.

Mean Mower lawn mower is equipped 110-strong 1000-cc engine from sportbike Honda VTR 1000F Firestorm, six-speed transmission with shift buttons on the steering wheel speed, boosted brakes and sport seats ATV Cobra.

According to the manufacturer, "hundred" such lawnmower gaining four seconds. In this case it weighs 140 kilograms, and its power to weight ratio is 540 horsepower per ton.

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