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Canadian designer came up with a motorcycle with autopilot

Canadian designer Eduardo Arndt commissioned Weird publications drew the concept of unmanned bike. According to the idea, Brigade model could enlist in the police and help with the identification of offenders on the roads.

As noted in the Weird, the prospect of mass emergence of unmanned vehicles promises almost complete absence of traffic violations in the future. This autopilot technology are widely used nowadays, but globally the world will go on drones is not soon. Therefore, the new system is proposed to use for the benefit of society now.

Brigade Concept appearance strongly resembles the current motorcycle, but has no steering wheel and seat. As planned, the bike is equipped with all necessary equipment for autonomous movement and maintain an upright position helps him built-in gyro.

As police equipment Brigade could act through multiple cameras to read the numbers and records violations on video, siren and loudspeaker, as well as continuous connection to the network.

Thus, the unmanned bike with an electric propulsion system is capable of patrolling the streets and record the number of improperly parked cars (and their subsequent shipment to the police station).

In addition, it could independently verify the registration marks for the respective vehicle and a police database, and even pursue infringers seen on the roads. In the latter case, according to the author, a two-wheeled drone should not attempt to stop the vehicle. It is assumed only a pursuit and recording video at the same time the information is sent to the near post.


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