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Kawasaki motorcycles equip artificial intelligence

The Japanese company Kawasaki started developing self-learning artificial intelligence system, which is planned to equip the motorcycle manufacturer. Novelty called Kanjo Engine, but the exact timing of its appearance on the production models is not yet known.

artificial intelligence system will have to understand and respond to the speech of the driver to monitor his condition, as well as to adjust to the driving style and rider skills. The Kawasaki did not specify which team can execute Kanjo Engine, but perhaps the system in accordance with the obtained data will change the settings of the power plant, brakes and suspension.

Another Japanese manufacturer - Yamaha - is developing a robot that will be able to manage the serial motorcycle are not subjected to any refinements. The company expects that the robot will be able "to compete with real people on a race track," even at speeds of over 200 kilometers per hour.

It is expected that the first fully independent circuit of the race track Yamaha robot to make 2017 year.

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