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Doll-passenger, or how the woman behind the wheel guard against robbery

Chilean Matias Carmody inventor created a doll companion for lonely women at the wheel. Take a look at the video, it looks like a mannequin, which, according to the authors, is designed to scare off burglars.

Established Chilean doll is from the male mannequin wearing sunglasses and a cap. To protect themselves from robbers him on the inventor's idea, must be installed on the front passenger seat.

"A criminal seeing the doll, think that this man, and will not attack", - he explained the creator of the doll Matthias Carmody.

Mannequin collapsible. It is placed in a special bag, from which, if necessary, can be easily removed.

Usually robbery exposed single women at the wheel - the criminals kidnap their bags. Therefore doll hopes inventor useful the fairer sex.

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