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Navigation "Mercedes" make friends with glasses Google Glass

Mercedes-Benz company is exploring the possibility of integrating augmented reality glasses Google Glass with their cars. On this edition of the Silicon Valley Business Journal said the president of the American Research Center and new developments "Mercedes" Johann Jungwirth.

According Jungwirth, the German automaker is working on a project, allowing us to combine Google Glass glasses with a navigation system cars. The idea is to avoid having to enter the same address multiple times for different devices.

For example, the driver can drive the desired destination in the navigation system of the car, drive to a certain point, park, and then use the points, the output for clues on the further direction of the traffic to get to the ultimate goal of the route.

In the "Mercedes" noted that despite the fact that this technology is in the process of creation, to its OEM applications are still a few years.

Google Glass glasses were presented in 2012 year. They do not have glasses, but equipped with a translucent screen in front of one eye, and which information is displayed. About a thousand pairs of glasses were sent to developers for testing. The final version will be released in Google Glass 2014 year.

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