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New Volvo XC90 teach ignore Congress on the sidelines

Volvo has released information about the systems of active and passive safety, which will be applied to the new generation SUV XC90. In particular, the model helps to avoid accidentally leaving the road: electronics notice of motion and change their own car will return to the correct path. Function can operate on roads without side markup, since it determines the physical end of the roadway.

Next XC90 detection system and equip people, cyclists and other vehicles in front of the car in the dark. This function can independently apply the brakes to prevent an accident. Also SUV gets adaptive cruise control with auto-steer and can identify the animals in front of him: both day and night.

New SUV equipped with an autonomous parking system, which was introduced in mid-June. It will allow the driver to leave the car at the entrance to the parking lot. The vehicle will find one at the parking lot and park it, and when a signal is received from the owner will come with it and come back to where the driver will wait. At the same time, as we are assured in the Volvo, cars with such a system will not encounter on the parking lots with other vehicles because of the presence of special detectors and sensors.

Earlier it was reported that a new generation of Volvo XC90 debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The biggest engine SUV should be two-liter "four" with two turbines. New also becomes the first model to be built on a new platform SPA.

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