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US police arranged a hunt for 11-year thief mixer

Eleven-year resident of the American city of Dodge Center (Minnesota) stole from the construction site concrete mixer and more than an hour driving around the city and surrounding area. Police staged a chase involving a patrol helicopter that the alarm has been raised from the state capital, Minneapolis, reports Fox |.

The incident occurred on Sunday, March 20, at three o'clock in the afternoon local time. As explained to the witnesses, the child stole the mixer when the worker stepped away from the truck, leaving the keys in the ignition. Then 11-year-old thief went to ride a car for the District of Dodge.

The boy went out several times on highways, and as told by the police, who miraculously did not get into an accident. chase speed reaches 112 kilometers per hour, the two patrol cars were damaged, but the offender did not stop even a studded belt.

Residents Dodge Sentra saw the boy at least six times to enter and leave the city. Witnesses say a child driving a truck looked cheerful, smiling and shouting. As a result, the police drove a cement mixer into a dead end, the boy jumped out of the cab and began to run away, but was caught.

Violators face punishment, he may be placed in a correctional facility for minors. The first court hearing on this case will be held on Tuesday, March 22.

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