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Older drivers in Japan will exchange the right to discounted noodles

The police of the Japanese prefecture of Aichi elderly motorists urged to exchange their driving license for a discount in the restaurant. On Wednesday, November 23, reports BBC News.

Law enforcement authorities have agreed with the Prefecture of the restaurant network "Sugak" for 15-percent discount for the visitors, give up driving. The discounted menu includes ramen (noodle dishes), rice, salads and some other items. The promotion is valid in 176 institutions.

To get the discount, elderly drivers have to go to the police, surrender driver's license and obtain a certificate confirming this. Prefectural authorities are hoping that the result of such measures will reduce the number of accidents.

Similar programs have already been tested in other regions of Japan. Failure to stimulate the driver's license discounts for travel in a taxi and to visit the public baths.

In August, it was reported that the Japanese ramen noodles become a form of currency among the prisoners by some US prisons, replacing cigarettes. The reason for this was the loss of power due to lower costs.


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