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The most popular cars for sex

British scientists conducted another study funny - this time the focus turned sex in cars. It turned out that half of the residents of Albion did that in the car at least once and not all saw fit to stay. Along the way, and were named the most popular cars for sex: the leaders - Ford Fiesta.

"About us sometimes say that we are stiff, but at least half of working hard to disprove it," - commented on the results of research The Daily Mail. 49% of respondents admitted that they had made love in the car. And the majority of those who tried it, did it at least five times.

The leaders of "sexual hit parade" of cars - already mentioned Ford Fiesta, as well as the Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Corsa. Maybe that's why manufacturers of compact cars, advertising novelties, abut so that the space on the back seat has grown a couple - three centimeters?

At the same time, according to a poll BBA Reman, 35 years older people are more prone to car sex than respondents aged up 18 34: 59% among the older generation, and only 38% among young people. However, many respondents admitted that their experience "avtoseksa" took place some time ago, for the last year practiced in this area only 17% of respondents.

Respondents were asked about what place they chose for copulation. There is competition quiet rural landscapes (37%), followed by parking (29%) and highway (22% of cases). But it 3% of respondents admitted that the machine is in motion.

Founder recycling company car BBA Reman Chris Swan, commenting on the survey results, about the difference between fathers and children: "It seems that many older people admitted having sex in cars, illustrates the generation gap. Now young unmarried couples is much easier find a bed and have some fun than it was twenty - thirty years ago. "

And then adds: "So many Britons admitted" dirty games "in the cars, I was a little surprised. Not sure I can ever look at the Ford Fiesta in the old way."

Poll 2011 years, who organized the company manufacturer of condoms US Sex Census, revealed by the way that sex in the car recognize the most exciting. Sex in the car recognized at 15% more exciting than sex in a strange bed (33%). Third place was given to sex in the woods (27%), followed by sex on the beach or in the sea (23%), closes rating sex in the hot tub (22%).

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