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Seat set at Barcelona airport sandy crossover

Spanish sculptor Sergi Ramirez performed a full-scale sculpture of the first production of the crossover Seat - Ateca. To create a "car" took 26 tons of sand.

The sculpture was installed in Barcelona's El Prat airport on the bench with the inscription "Made in Barcelona". The main terminal, which is sandy Ateca, daily passes to 100 thousand passengers. The exposition was dismantled at the end of October.

Public premiere crossover Seat Ateca was held in March at the Geneva Motor Show. The basis of novelty laid down "folksvagenovsky» MQB modular chassis that is used for the Volkswagen Tiguan second generation.

The base engine was the three-cylinder petrol turbo unit volume of one liter capacity 116 horsepower. In addition, the engine lineup included 1,4-liter supercharged "four" outstanding 150 forces. The diesel range is represented by motors in volume 1,6 liters, developing 116, 150 and 190 forces. Transmission - six-step "mechanics" or semidiapazonny "robot" with two clutches.

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