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Sverhekonomichny Aptera rise from the ashes

American company Aptera USA plans to release a serial two-seater on 3-wheels.

In 2005 year in the U.S. market got company Aptera Motors, which has built a three-wheeled passenger vehicle with a coefficient of streamlining 0,11. In 2007, after all the tests were born two samples ready for serial production.

Aptera 2h equipped with a hybrid setup and spend all 1,8 100 liters per kilometers. In case of connection of electric traction, fuel consumption was reduced to 0,8 liters per hundred. Later manufacturer was planning to add to the gasoline hybrid diesel version.

Aptera 2e represents a electric car that can go on a single charge of up to 160 19 km.

Length equal 4460 mm, width - 2180 mm and height - 1380 mm. Weighing in at 820 kg Aptera 2e accelerates from zero to a hundred in just seconds 10.

In 2007 Aptera, the company began collecting prepaid orders, but nevertheless proved insufficient funding. Despite this, in the year 2010 their "train" got to the finals Progressive Automotive X PRIZE.

However, the company 2011 Aptera collapsed, and not even able to fully pay off all the customers who made payment.

Chinese car manufacturer Jonway acquired the assets of Aptera, and divided into two companies: Zaptera USA (Chinese brand) and Aptera USA (American manufacturer). Zaptera USA plans to open a full-scale production of electric Aptera 2e for the local market. Although it is possible that after some time, the Chinese electric car will be exported.

Aptera USA leaders stress that their brand has nothing to Zaptera and Jonway. The U.S. company plans to produce gasoline car hand-built under the name Aptera 2g, later adding to the lineup electric Aptera 2e. In management plans was a place for a hybrid version based 2h.

Aptera USA set out to create ultra-low vehicles, including trucks and motorcycles. However, the first sign is Aptera 2g, the price of which varies from 30 000 50 000 to dollars, depending on the modification.


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