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"Smart" unmanned buses go on the road

Local Motors Company and IBM have developed an unmanned mini-bus that runs on electricity. The vehicle will be able to answer passengers' questions - his on-board computer will communicate with the supercomputer IBM Watson for information analysis and response generation, according to Phys.

How it works

Olli - bus, which seats up to 12 passengers. Driver's cab there is not provided - the system is fully automatic.

To navigate using the GPS Olli-adapter and lidar (optical light sensor) and external cameras. The maximum speed which it develops, is 20 km / h on a single charge it overcomes distance 51 km.

Passengers will be able to communicate with the device in natural language. For example, you can tell the bus, where you want, and it will calculate the best route and also ask to measure the temperature in the cabin, or ask what's inside Olli - using IBM Watson opportunities, the bus will give the most accurate and complete answer.


The first buses Olli soon appear on the streets of Washington as part of a pilot program. Later, they will be in Las Vegas and Miami, as well as in Copenhagen, Berlin and Canberra. Perhaps, Olli is become a "bus on call" - as soon as the legislation governing the rules of operation of unmanned vehicles.

In the plans of developers - to create mikrofabrik network that can print parts for bus for 10 hours using 3D-printer, and then a few days to collect the vehicle and ensure that it is ready for use.

Xenia Shestakova
Hi-Tech Mail.Ru

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