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In the Netherlands, family car built a solar-powered

Students of the Technical University of Eindhoven Dutch built a four-seater with a luggage compartment that runs on solar batteries. According to them, the car, which was given the name Stella, the world's first family car equipped with such a power source. This was reported on the University website.

Dimensions of novelty are 4,5 meters in length and 1,65 meters wide. Because the design of the car is made using aluminum and carbon fiber, its weight is just 380 kilograms.

Stella is equipped with silicone panels collect solar energy and 60-pound battery pack capacity of six kilowatt hours. According to the developers, while driving a car produces more energy than it takes to drive. The maximum speed of the machine is 110 kilometers per hour, and the range in the absence of sunlight reaches 600 kilometers.

In October, students from Eindhoven and their car will participate in the event World Solar Challenge - 3000-kilometer race across Australia of solar-powered cars. They will compete in the classroom, where, in the first place, considered a rational expenditure of solar energy, rather than speed, course.

Earlier it was reported that students from the Australian University of New South Wales working on a solar-powered car, which in the future may well be available to everyone.

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