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A resident of New York passed 240 «green" traffic lights in a row

New Yorker Noah Forman drove 240 consecutive intersections on resolving the traffic signal. This is evidenced by published video Foreman with all the "record" trip.

The experiment was conducted in Manhattan in early December. A former taxi driver kicked off about half of the fourth night and moved without stopping about half an hour. Only a couple of times he had to slow down in anticipation of "green". At the same time Foreman never exceeded the speed limit, but was forced to constantly go around the cars found on the way. It went mostly straight.

In the summer of 2016 years Audi has announced the launch of a tracking system at work in US traffic. Some models of the brand learned to get information from the city's traffic management system (through the LTE network) - for example, the time remaining before the inclusion of "green" signal of a traffic light. The information displayed on the dashboard and in the projection display.


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