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18 +. The first test of the new Qashqai

Со встречной полосы неожиданно вылетает хэтчбек и несется прямо в лоб нашему тестовому Nissan Qashqai. Мгновение, уходит на обочину и в паре сотен метров от нас врезается в столб. Столб падает, наверное, с грохотом, но в салоне кроссовера - ни звука. По сравнению со своим предшественником Qashqai определенно повзрослел, прибавив ровно в том, где уступал конкурентам. Но главное даже не это - у городского кроссовера Nissan появилась харизма.

Вереница новых Nissan Qashqai встретила журналистов в окрестностях Мадрида. Обилие хрома во внешности, светодиодные элементы в оптике, 17-дюймовые литые диски и стильная прорисовка кузова - издалека и не скажешь, что в пятидесяти метрах стоит явный представитель масс-маркета. В контексте ожесточенной конкуренции в классе кроссоверов внешность «на миллион долларов» может сыграть решающую роль.

Экстерьер получился настолько узнаваемым и харизматичным, что автомобиль просто невозможно перепутать ни с одним одноклассником. Кроссовер для людей среднего возраста? Маркировка «18 +» - вот самое подходящее обозначение целевой аудитории.

Representatives of the Japanese brand prefer to speak the language of the other digits. "The first generation went to the world two million copies" - this phrase for the day, I heard a dozen times. It becomes clear that the main task of all those who worked on the new Qashqai, not fall below the stated bar. But by then, in addition to appearance, to take its new Qashqai?

Preserved despite the ideology of "affordable roomy crossover for the city", in technical terms, the new Qashqai - it's a totally different story. In the heart of the car is versatile modular platform CFM - the last word engineers alliance Renault-Nissan. Average buyer crossover is likely and will not pay attention, but in vain. It is thanks to the new architecture Qashqai significantly thinner, seriously added in size and received new engines.

Increase in the length of 47 mm owner first notice not in the parking lot - maneuvering on the parking lot on the crossover is still easy. Together with the increased base on 20 liters, the trunk grew, and the seats for passengers on the back sofa became much larger than those of its predecessor. The luggage compartment, by the way, can become a serious argument in favor of buying a new Qashqai. Its volumes are not surprising (430 L), but the transformation options are interesting. In European versions, devoid of "dokatki", the floor of the luggage compartment is in fact the lid of another compartment, which consists of two flaps. With their help, you can divide the trunk into zones for small or large load.

However, before going to the dealership for a new Qashqai is important to remember one moment. In the second generation crossover Nissan Qashqai decided to distance from the new X-Trail, which will also appear in this year. On vehicles similar exterior, interior and engine lineup, but the seven-seater performance will only be available for the older X-Trail - Qashqai + 2 second generation will not. This means that the seven-passenger crossover Nissan will cost considerably more expensive than its predecessor and, accordingly, will be less in demand.

Salon Nissan Qashqai - baggy step forward in ergonomics, and quality of execution. The only controversial decision - big glossy panel on the front. It is too easily soiled, and will certainly require additional care in daily operation. Controls, dials, touch screen multimedia system - ergonomics is almost impossible to find fault.

The same goes for noise insulation. Engineers fully take into account the wishes of the owners of Nissan Qashqai, who complained of excessively noisy salon. As a result, the second generation Qashqai was without exaggeration the best noise isolation in its class. Inside, only occasionally heard wind noise because of the huge mirrors. However, this feature of new items should speak in the context of the ideal Spanish roads and summer tires. Somewhere near Tula studded tires emotions from soundproofing be quite different.

During the test drive I managed to pass on two versions of Qashqai - with petrol and diesel 1,2 1,5-liter engine. In Russia, the latter will not be - will take its place new 1,6-liter turbodiesel unit. Basic same version will be completed just 1,2-liter engine. The main problem of this unit - the disparity between the cubic capacity of the form factor of the car. By TTX motor nothing inferior atmospheric 1,6 predecessor, but another thing - consumer perception.

Aggravate the situation in Russia could almost complete lack of alternatives in the primary and secondary trim levels will only diesel engine. As for the third engine, 2,0-liter petrol that is familiar yet over the past generation, it will be available only in high-end versions.

Gasoline 1,2 DIG-T was comparable to 1,6-liter "aspirated" power - 115 horsepower. At the same time the new engine more torque - 190 156 Nm Nm against its predecessor. With this engine accelerates the car confidently from low revs. Another thing is that pronounced "pick-up" at the motor at all. In the rhythm of the city dynamics 1,2-liter Qashqai enough for the eyes, but for lovers of dynamic driving city may encounter problems as a lack of traction when overtaking.

Transmission for the car provides two: six-speed "mechanics" and variator Xtronic. In the second case, the box will only be available for the 2,0-liter petrol engine. Gasoline 1,2 and 1,6-liter turbodiesel will be completed without an alternative manual. To the "mechanics" there are no complaints - the gear ratios are chosen as wisely as possible, and it is almost impossible to make a mistake when switching. At a speed of 100 km / h in the sixth gear, the tachometer shows only 2 000 revolutions. At the same time, the consumption, according to the on-board computer, is kept in the region of 5-6 liters per "hundred". An excellent indicator for a car weighing 1,3 tons.

Lack of all-wheel drive transmission in primary and secondary versions of Qashqai is not linked to the stated clearance vehicle. Ground clearance is a second-generation Qashqai 20 centimeters - more, for example, than the frame SsangYong Actyon Sports (18,8 centimeters). High curbs, primer overcome height differences on the car, even in times monoprivodnom version, but with a muddy road to the cottage at monoprivodnom Qashqai may have problems.

Appeared with Qashqai charisma lies only in appearance, a storm of emotions driving - it's definitely not about crossover. The car is driven with some vatnost that's true of the pedals, steering wheel, gearshift lever. This is not to say that management Qashqai is noticeably inferior to classmates. Maybe the feeling develops because of inflated expectations: with a high quality build, impeccable appearance and ergonomics expect that the car hit and driving, but this is not happening. On the other hand, how many buyers will imagine themselves Qashqai Stig at the Nurburgring?

Nissan Qashqai has become better in all respects: quieter, more technological, more spacious and simply better. Appearance Qashqai and did indecently good for the mass market: this is not yet seen.

Another thing - the price and configuration. In Europe, where the price list has been announced, the car went up within 10%, as part of this segment still acceptable. A similar rise in prices will not be fatal to the Qashqai and Russia - all the more so on the heels of midsize crossover already come representatives of the B-Class: Opel Mokka, Nissan Juke and others. Theoretically prevent Qashqai repeat sales of the precursor can only poor choice of engines and transmissions. But with the appearance of such a new crossover Nissan sales department can sleep peacefully.

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