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Antidepressant. Test-drive Lexus IS

Japanese - amazing people. Restrained and mannered, disciplined and responsible, they will give them gladly go into the lead. Crazy punk hairstyle Harajuku district of Tokyo, insane monsters tuning style bosodzoku, illegal drift along narrow mountain paths ... One look at the new Lexus IS enough to understand that this time the Japanese decided not to hide his cheerful disposition under the guise of decency.

Toyota cars are often scolded for facelessness, and Lexus has repeatedly become the object of criticism for the secondary, as if peeped by the German grandees design. Both that, and another - not about new IS. He can be loved or hated, considered a written handsome man or a miserable freak, but he can not remain indifferent. And certainly you will not mistake it with anyone! At the same time IS is a 100% Japanese car, 100% Lexus. Similar to the Martian alien-arachnid, or the giant robot-transformer - IS, as if it had come off the pages of a manga comic book. Too bold? In my opinion, what you need! After all, the audience of a compact sedan is quite young people, and Japan for them is manga, anime, sushi and drift, and not samurai, hoku or kabuki theater. They need a head-turner - a folding head, conservatism is useless. And the new Lexus IS makes you turn your head after.

No less "otvyaznym" the car turned out and inside. Complex form of the front panel, not "Lexusian" sports seats, standing almost vertically the steering wheel, temperature adjustment sliders: you walk up the touch-screen strip on the center console - the air temperature in the cabin increases, and down - it decreases. It's funny! And how do you like the LFA supercar? You press the button, and the dial of the tachometer crawls to the side, making room for a large display with the help of the road computer. And, mind you, this is not a painted one, but a real analog dial! Even the sound of the servos can be heard. It is a pity that in Russia such devices will be available only on the hybrid IS300h, and only in the version of F-Sport.

Not less behaved bravely and engineers. Springs and shock absorbers in the rear suspension now separated. With this trunk became bulkier and sofa unable to move back a bit to make room for the legs. Battery hybrid Toyota first time in practice takes place not in the rear seat and under the boot floor. As a result, and can be folded back, and trunk volume remained unchanged. True, the place in the underground is not even enough for dokatki. Had to use heavy tires Run-flat.

Well, and most importantly - IS returns to the sport! Let the amateur, albeit with reservations, but the new slogan of concern Toyota - Fun to drive - it's about him, too. Did not like the high landing? The seats were lowered by 20 mm. Did you want to hooliganize? Please disable the ESP, the deactivation button is now in the most visible place. The seats were too amorphous? Now even the base armchairs are a miracle as well, and the sports seats of the F-Sport version are completely standard! Of course, provided that you like sports cars and do not weigh 140 kg. More sportiness in the interior? The red leather seats, the AKP lever levitated in the driver's side, the aluminum pedals on the pedals ... Yes you do not hesitate, drive, click on the gas! Oh! Is this exactly Lexus?

To old IS such controllability and did not dream! A dense chassis, an effortless steering wheel, a battle cry of the engine - this is not the glamorous mattress that used to be! Speaking of sound. If you have a car with V6, then a soft baritone is broadcast to the salon via a special sound channel coming from the resonator in the exhaust path, and if you have a four-cylinder hybrid hybrid engine, then ... the V8 sound is heard from the speakers of the audio system! Yes, besides the trolleybus buzz of the electric motor and the good sound of the four-cylinder engine working on the Atkinson cycle, the hybrid IS driver also hears the "voice" V8 synthesized from the speakers synthesized by the Active Sound Control system ASC (Active Sound Control). Naturally, the sound changes with the change in the pressure of the gas pedal. "We wanted to offer customers the opportunity to download the sounds of different engines. We already have a program with the sound of V6, the usual V8, the sport V8 from IS-F, V10 from LFA ... Marketers are still studying demand, "the creators of the new IS still have a pair of trump cards in their sleeves! So, the new IS is a spectacular, modern, spacious sedan with excellent handling. Victory?

Not certainly in that way. Yet BMW Japanese sedan has not yet. It is not possible to throw IS into a skid even by frank provocation, the manual mode is not fair, the dynamics do not enchant, the steering wheel is heavy, and the brakes lack feedback. And yet, to drive Lexus on a serpentine is very, very nice. I again and again almost stop, letting go ahead of the traveling truck to quickly go through another bunch of turns. I click again and again in manual mode. Again and again turn off the music to enjoy the song of the V-shaped "six". Knowingly Akio Toyoda took up the paradigm shift and the whole concern Toyota in general, and the brand Lexus in particular! Oh, not for nothing! However, what did we expect from a guy who was bludgeoning in the diurnal racing on the Nürburgring's North loop on the racing LFA? I tell you, the Japanese - those still lovers come off in full.

But Lexus IS300h is designed for those who are more reserved. The fact that the car in the F-Sport package has an adaptive chassis, an additional SportS + mode, aggravating gas responses, steering turns and speeding up the gearbox, the hybrid brings an increased mass and less successful weight distribution. If the petrol IS has not too much propensity to demolition, then the hybrid is desperately dragging out. Unsportsmanlike! But it's comfortable. The weight increased by 70 kg required changing the suspension settings, which became slightly softer. As a result, small irregularities, from which the gasoline car shakes, simply do not notice in the hybrid. At the same time IS300h looks no worse than 250, and super-devices and the ASC system, imitating the sound of the sporting V8, are available only to him.

Classical Japanese culture makes you look smart with a smart look and shake your head, but, frankly, are you familiar with Japanese poetry? Or the tea ceremony does not seem to you a boring and protracted action? Whether it's drift or Pokémon! Nedogonki? Silly cartoons? But you do not need to explain who Pikachu is or where the world's steepest ride sideways! Lexus IS may not like it, it seems strange, but you will talk about it. You will turn after him. He will cause emotions. And if the courage of designers you have to like, then the rest will not disappoint. Especially since IS in Russia will always be a kind of exclusive - in the Russian office Toyota plans to sell no more than 800 cars, while BMW sells almost 6000 "treshkas", and Mercedes-Benz - more than 7000 C-classes! Why such modesty?

The problem of Lexus IS has not been solved for many years: the Japanese sedan simply does not have cheap versions with four-cylinder engines. Judge for yourself, the weakest "treshka" is 1.6 l 136 l. from. and 1 360 000 rubles, "cset" - the same 1.6 l 156 l. from. and 1 420 000 rubles, and IS - 2.5 l 207 l. from. and the price is more than one and a half million for a car with a fabric salon! So do not be surprised that we will not have a full drive, or IS350 - such cars would cost absolutely sky-high sums. And let the Russian prices have not yet been announced, it is obvious that they are unlikely to go lower in the mark in 1 500 000, while in the basic configuration of buyers waiting for the fabric salon and single-zone air conditioning. Not much! So if you decide to buy a new IS, you know: you'll have to spend a lot. To walk so to walk!

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Author: Nathan Gaugan

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