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Wildly home. Test Drive Jaguar F-type

In sports car sit, wear seat belts and four-point valish full. Go out with sweaty palms and knees trembled. Want more. Gives the same feeling whether Jaguar F-type? We tested it on a copy of the first batch arrived in Moscow.

Checked in the sports capital of the place - on the track of the stadium "Luzhniki". Closely for such a car, but managed to feel and impressive dynamics and steer the snake and turns, and even a little to burn rubber on the site.
Jaguar F-type - fast, even very much, too much. Acceleration from 0 100 to kilometers per hour in 4,8 seconds - this is not a joke. F-type S is driven 3,0-liter engine with a supercharger V6, developing capacity 380 horsepower. And I still got it is not the "charged" version. There is also a car with a five-liter V-shaped "eight" power 495 forces capable of accelerating to hundreds of half a second faster. The base model is equipped with 3,0-liter capacity V6 340 horsepower and accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in seconds 5,3.

And he is very well managed. When you turn on the sports mode, the "steering wheel" is poured with a pleasant weight, the "short" steering wheel allows you to change the trajectory with one hand movement. At the press of the gas pedal in the "sport" mode, the car reacts with lightning speed, the sound of the adaptive exhaust system Switchable Active Sports becomes deafening and provokes to press on the gas again and again. Its roar can be tuned at will as a radio tape recorder: in normal modes - a quiet roar, but it is necessary to turn on the mode of "sport" or simply press the button if you do not want excessive sharpness from the car, and the air blows up rumble and explosions no worse than from good sports car. I can imagine how it can sound in the mountains or on the coast, and you want to quickly escape from the stuffy city.

The F-type is very smooth and crisp on the road. The rear spoiler automatically rises at a speed of 97 kilometers per hour, reducing the lift by 120 kilograms and significantly increasing stability at high speeds. Due to the operation of the increased friction differential, traction improves and maneuverability in various situations increases, for example, when speed is set at the exit from the turn. Sensors evaluate the motion, roll and angle of the body with the frequency of 100 times per second, changing the settings according to the driving style. As a result, to achieve a disruption of the rear axle, despite the impressive power, it is quite difficult. Even with the maximum shutdown of all stabilization systems, the F-type "sits" on the road, like on rails.

There is only one small gripe: even in sport mode suspension remains supple enough for what you have to pay decent roll in corners.

Control many important functions, including audio, climate control and navigation, using the menu relies on the touch screen. In the same driver as in a computer game can choose individual settings of the engine, steering, suspension and speed shift. There in the car and two "highlights". First - typical for cars of this brand. This retractable cabin air ducts, which can optionally hide the panel. The second innovation - the sliding door handles that are fully immersed in the body of the car.

Exterior car - the same symbolic English, and have the silhouette you can guess what kind of stamp - F-type fully preserves the tradition of designer Jaguar. The new coupe built on a shortened platform of the latest generation Jaguar XK. It is the smallest car in the company's model lineup. Despite its small size and some stiffness in appearance, aggressiveness he does not hold. Muscular form and coupe do squat like a hunting cat, assembled ready to pounce.

And yet, in order to be a full-fledged sports car, the F-type is too comfortable. On it it would not be desirable to go on a track, a maximum - beautifully to burn rubber. In this car you want to roll along the Mediterranean coast with an open roof, enjoy comfortable embraces of the seats, pleasantly lying in the hands of the steering wheel and the noble rumble of the exhaust system. The car delivers the same pleasure to both the driver and the passenger: in a sports car you will never refuse a driver's seat, for a passenger such a trip turns into torture, and in the F-type it is possible to gladly ride and on the right place.

Jaguar F-type positions as the logical successor to the legendary E-type, which is produced in the period from 1961 1975 on year and was considered the benchmark for cars 60-x. In the mid-twentieth century, E-type has become a classic, only having to appear. Stylish looks and impressive dynamic performance led to what followed immediately after a series of well-known people lined up, look forward to when they can pick up your car.

In general, we can say that the attempt to revive the sport coupe premium failed. This is also a record car sales. A few weeks after entering the market sold off half of the entire run F-type, planned for the year ahead. By the autumn promises to bring to market and model hardtop.

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Sophia Kleymenova

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