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Nordic character. Test Drive Volvo Drive-E

It on TV bobsleigh seem cheerful entertainment. In fact, in a pod terribly closely: a quadruple sled we barely fit together. 120 speed km / h, which in the car with a colleague, we were a casual conversation on the bobsleigh track turns into a monstrously fast quantity from which the silent and barely breathing. Acceleration trying to tear my head from the body, and in the corners helmet bangs on the wall and the car seems to be on track.

After I finish nothing was certain downhill pod made from the contents of the head smoothies. A little later, citing his thoughts in order, I even doubted whether so much changed character Volvo S60, it seemed to me the very first kilometers. Again got behind the wheel "shestidesyatki" and realized that yes, it is. But some things still have to be checked with technicians: the introduction of a new family of engines Drive-E has a lot of nuances.

It is interesting to observe the development S60. The first time I sat behind the wheel of this car three years ago, it was a "shestidesyatka» More design Steve Mattin. The car was good, but felt a certain nedovedennost suspension, numerous security systems, multimedia systems. Restyled car we tested in Karelia last year, went subjectively better. The machine was a harmonious and from a design standpoint, lost foreign playfulness, which has never been characterized Volvo. Ridiculous plates devices changed bizarre, but very beautiful dashboard.

And now I'm going to Austria mountain streamers on a sedan with a new two-liter four-cylinder engine Drive-E and wonder mood swings. Volvo, even sports and powerful, went smoothly, and this - sharply, defiantly. New electric power exacerbated reaction at the helm, steering-wheel turns with less effort at a decent feedback. The new engine, despite the modest two-liter volume and softness eightfold new "machine", great pulls from the very bottom, on the passport he goes to the peak 350 newton meters already at 1500 engine speed.

But subjectively, the engine wakes up a little later due to the inertia of the turbine and the eightfold soft "machine". On corner exit when the throttle feel torque steer the front wheels. So sorry about the loss of 10 newton meters and four horsepower compared to the five-cylinder engine is not necessary. Especially, 245-strong Drive-E propels the front-wheel S60 to "hundreds" just 6,3 with, and the previous four-wheel drive vehicle accelerates for seven seconds and was spending a lot more (9,2 l on average against 6 liters).

No matter how good Vol'vovskii five, no matter how interesting cross-liter straight-six located in version T6, the same indicators can be removed from power four-cylinder volume of only two liters. In version T5 (245 hp) - with turbocharged version T6 (306 hp) - with a mechanical supercharger and a turbocharger. And along the way to win in efficiency and weight. Easier engine - less inertia and less roll.

In addition to the gasoline engine, the Drive-E family includes a diesel engine that is unified with a gasoline engine: 181 hp, 400 newton meters. It is amazing with i-Art technology - each injector is equipped with an individual pressure sensor, so you can calculate the injection parameters for each cylinder in real time, which allows you to reduce the consumption and increase the power of the motor. Passport consumption of diesel Drive E - less than five liters in a mixed cycle. Sound and noise insulation XC70 is good: it does not feel the vibrations and tarachtenia characteristic of diesel engines. The thrust peak - 400 Nm - is available in a narrow range from 1750 to 2500 crankshaft revolutions, but thanks to the long new gears of the six-speed "mechanics", it's not so felt.

However, I came across an amazing car. Moreover, what's "mechanics", available on the Russian market, and it is still bundled with active cruise control. The machine itself is accelerating and slowing down, removes the gas when you turn off the clutch, and then immediately adds it. And, moreover, suggests what gear should be included. If understands that the driver did not heed her advice - disabled. Very strange sensations.

Transplant motors Drive-E is not so change the nature and XC60 XC70, primarily because they have kept electro amplifiers. It's still comfortable crossovers. If S60 c optional Four-C suspension difference between the modes is not so big and then XC60 in "comfort" does not notice the road junction in the "sport" driver reports it as wholly irrelevant information, and the "advanced» (Advanced) mode meets unexpectedly tough. But if S60 highway may well exist in front-wheel version, the version monoprivodnom XC60 XC70 and are unlikely to be so popular.

However, the Swedes are in no hurry to make friends and promise Drive-E motors and four-wheel drive only in the mid sledushchego year. In the meantime, all Volvo AWD with a label will sell with the same engines, the production of which have decided to keep. Top version T6 for Russia will continue to be equipped with a discharge turboshesterkoy, variant Motor Drive-E until. It is, in principle, and right - to implement such a desirable four-wheel drive traction. Unlike S60 and S80, will only have XC60 version T5 Motor Drive-E, and XC70 of a new family of engines will get only diesel.

And we have to be sold V60 Plug-In Hybrid costs about three million rubles. Agree, expensive, and even passport liter diesel consumption 1,9 100 km on investments in Swedish hybrid technology is unlikely to pay off. But the point of this machine in the other - to understand it, you need to go on the ice track and limit grip stabilization system. In Swedish hybrid front wheels are driven 215-strong turbodiesel, and rear - 50 kilowatt electric motor. And the lithium-ion battery charge capacity of all 11,2 kWh enough for 50 kilometers autonomous movement.

That is, you can turn the car into a rear-wheel drive, though, for a short time and to a speed of no higher than 120 km / h, and you can in all-wheel drive. And in the Hybrid mode, less traction will be transmitted back, and the car behaves more like a front-wheel drive, and in Power mode - more that is convenient for effective glides. With a separate button, you can turn on the permanent all-wheel drive, and then the machine's steering will be more neutral. Here he is the buzz of permissiveness. Here it is, the Swedish supercar: practical, green, but at the same time fast and very driver. And the hybridity of the V60 Plug-In Hybrid is almost not felt: there is no step in the transition from regeneration to braking, the controls are clear, and the mode buttons are the same as the four-C suspension buttons. Yes, and apparently the machine looks rather modest, especially if we consider that the few dozens of hybrids that will fall on the Russian market will be painted gray.

All-wheel drive diesel hybrid wagon for not stealing, he tries to hang glide and hard to miss, "muzzle" by rotation. V40 CC AWD Motor T5 going somewhere more exciting, steering her close to neutral, including due to the short base. However, after completely forgetting hybrid ice driving skills.

Is it because Vol'vovskii engineers are in no hurry to combine four-wheel drive with motors Drive-E? Perhaps they have conceived a system with an electric drive rear axle, similar to that used on the Plug-In Hybrid and some Japanese cars are poorly known outside Russia Primorsky Krai? If this is confirmed, then personally I would not be surprised.

Eugene Bagdasarov
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