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Toy. Test Drive Mazda3

Drowning in the routine, we often complain that we do not have enough time for games: computer, card, desktop, in the fresh air - it does not matter. The main thing - we miss the rest, excitement, physical or intellectual load, which give us such entertainment. But sometimes I get lucky. Sitting at the NAVAK training ground near Belgrade in a new Mazda3 and seeing the projector reading the instruments on the glass, executed exactly in the style of the sight of a combat aircraft in one of my favorite flight simulators of my childhood, I realized that getting to know the car turned into a journey into the world of childhood games, though , more still computer. It seems that the car caused such associations not only from me: the marketing director of Mazda Motor RUS Andrei Glazkov, presenting the novelty, also recalled children's entertainment.

The theater begins with a hanger, the game - with a box or cover. "Treshka" is packed in a fashion Japanese wrapping paper Kodo (translated from Japanese - "soul movement"). We know her about CX-5 and Mazda6, on which she was tested several years ago. On the Mazda3 hatchback (on the test in Serbia the cars were presented only in this body and only with 2,0-liter Skyactiv engines) the familiar forms of the new style look even more impressive than on the relatives. The machine, equipped with spectacular headlights, massive hood beak and a pentagonal radiator grille, pleases with muscular, lean shapes and a dynamic silhouette. The back of the car, in the lanterns of which many can see the features of the Alfa Romeo, is slightly less expressive, but still effective. Especially brightly the hatchback looks in the most suitable for Belgrade red color with silver-white strips of the chromeplated details.

It's time to unfold the wrapper. A competently organized place for games is half the success. I open the door: the resemblance to the older models of the "treshka" is limited by appearance. The interior is completely different - more modern and attractive. About the fact that this is the most affordable car of the Kodo style today, it reminds only trifles, for example, the presence of an automatic mode of window regulators only for the driver, and not for all passengers, as for the CX-5. It was not without the standard for the Japanese tricks - the upper part of the torpedo (the place usually knocked by specialists in the quality of plastic) is trimmed with a softer and pleasant to the touch material than the lower one.

The most striking element of interior decoration, not counting, of course, the projector-sight that can be adjusted in height - it certainly display. It's not 2din screen, familiar from Mazda6 and CX-5, in the middle of the center console. New Touchscreen Monitor moved to its uppermost part. It seems the decision Audi (Disc entertainment system also reminds Producer of Ingolstadt, not only form, but also clear, understandable switching menu), but here the display may not add up.

The first rule of this player - from your favorite occupation can not be distracted: everything should be convenient and at hand. To the leather seat with a beautiful red stitch there are no questions: it is expectedly comfortable, with pronounced supports and a lot of adjustments. But the location of the instruments surprised. Workplace player - that is, the driver! - arranged in such a way that, reading the indications of devices or controlling a multimedia system, a person practically did not take his eyes off the road. Judging by the presentation, the Japanese targeted the cars of the premium German troika. Direct competitors in this matter are far from perfect. For the sake of justice, if the screen in the "treshka" was at least a little turned towards the driver, it would be even more convenient. However, this is the only time that can make you twist your head: visibility due to the front pillars pushed back to 100 mm back and the low front panel line in the new Mazda3 is much better than in the predecessor. The argument that finally won me over in terms of convenience - the presence in the armrest of two USB ports at once: you can, for example, recharge both the phone and the tablet at the same time.

Ok, in the cabin is comfortable and comfortable. It's time to start the game. The first in the list is Need For Speed, thanks to the straight from the Moscow-Belgrade plane we were taken to the racing track. Initially, the data from the hatchback, of course, not for sports. Yes, 2,0-liter Skyactiv gives decent 150 horsepower, and the acceleration time to 100 km / h (9 s) is only 0,8 seconds worse than, for example, the winner in the category "Sport Coupe / Roadster / Convertible", according to experts car business, Toyota GT86, and 1,6 seconds better than the previous generation, However, emotions and feelings are always more important than numbers. So, we start the engine, translate the selector of the new six-speed automatic transmission to the Drive position, and ... the game started.

She's back. True! That "treshka", which in the first generation (that replaced 323 10-th years ago) loved for aggressive, for the pleasure of driving, which she brought to their owners. Predecessor almost lost this way, but again great novelty in terms of emotions.

Rather thinner (1 317 kg for the version with 2,0-liter engine, -60 kg compared to the previous generation and the title of one of the lightest cars in the class), "treshka" really makes you feel like the hero of your favorite game. On the movement of the steering wheel, the model reacts instantly, does not swing almost in corners, it gives the impression of a very assembled car: a sharp turn, a rearrangement with braking - the car overcomes every obstacle at high speed and does not go into a skid, but clings to the asphalt. Those who traveled on the previous Mazda3, immediately feel, then the car steers completely differently. This is explained by replacing the electrohydraulic power steering with an electromechanical one. Due to technical changes, the "steering wheel" became less informative and empty in the near-zero zone. And with the increase in speed, the steering wheel transmits less and less information about the traffic situation. This is definitely a minus.

New "automatic" deprived the sport mode, but is equipped with paddle shifters. What is characteristic of Japanese civilians: the transfer does not change even when the tachometer needle is in the red zone - only after the driver lever clicks. Skyactiv-Drive transmission impressive running smoothly, seamlessly switches and short delay with a sharp start, of course, is there, but very small.

Enough Need For Speed, it's time to switch to something more non-linear. For example, GTA. Forward - on public roads. Here the main thing is not to reach quickly, but to fulfill the mission. Ours was to get to the hotel. If in a race skid is a waste of time and precious seconds, then in a much more arcade by the standards of the GTA cars - just a fan. True, the drift on an icy serpentine pleasant surprise can not be called. But the behavior of the machine in a critical situation as in the palm of your hand. It is necessary to overdo it with speed (yes, my colleague, who was with me in the carriage, was still impressed by the track NAVAK) on a slippery surface, and the nose of the car begins to "swim" outside the turn. As soon as the front wheels engage, it begins to feed. Write a long, in fact - the instant through which the car picks up and corrects the stabilization system.

On public roads, another feature of the new "treshka" was revealed, which it was difficult to judge by behavior on the race track. The car is unrealistically comfortable - it can not be compared with its predecessor. The suspension remained structurally the same: in front - McPherson, rear - mnogorychazhka. However, engineers Mazda pretty much worked on it. The front levers are now made of high-strength steel (tensile strength - 780 MPa), and the entire suspension is attached to a harder and 38% lighter subframe. The rear silencer-block of levers of a forward suspension bracket became more rigid also that has improved coupling of forward wheels with a cloth in bends. The longitudinal levers of the rear suspension, also made of high-strength steel (780 MPa), are moved forward, which allowed to optimize the position of the rear shock absorbers. Due to these changes, Japanese engineers were able to reconfigure springs and shock absorbers in the direction of greater comfort.

As a result, that the wheel chair that passengers and the driver at speeds defect information roadway is passed (this on 18-inch wheels, a more simple trim set 16-inch, with which the machine will be even softer): shock does not break, suspension eats all minor irregularities. In other words, all of a sudden want to shoot out the car window (in the GTA as possible, yes) - the hand because of the shallow mounds treacherously not falter.

Enough races and arcades with elements of the shooter, it's time to think about rest. Turn on the Sims. Girl, in general, the topic, but okay. Adjust the comfortable life of your character - this, if I'm not mistaken, is the main goal of this game. Let's try. To transport to Mazda3 the whole company is not a problem. The three of us will have to make room for ourselves, but the two of us are in complete order. My height is 183 cm, and having adjusted the driver's seat, I freely sat down behind me: the legroom was quite enough. By the way, even on the track Mazda representatives offered to get acquainted with competitors, among which were Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Auris. You could not ride them, but please sit inside. So, more freely behind only in the Golf, whose advantage is partially killed by a modern, but Volkswagen-like boring salon.

And yes, insulation remains the Achilles heel of Mazda. In general, the situation compared to the previous model was much better, but the wheel arches fail: sand, gravel, puddle - covering instantly determined by the sound. At a speed of 100 km / h have to raise your voice to talk to the passenger. However, you can just make up the music and enjoy good sound (Bose is available in the most expensive configuration, add-on package options) standard audio system.

With games finished - it's time to return to reality. The cheapest version Mazda3 in hatchback body (1,6 MT) cost 700 000 rubles. Also the most expensive (2,0 AT + option package) - in 1 121 000 rubles. Enormous, seemingly money for C-class car. However, this trouble is not Mazda, and the Russian market. Hatchback Civic (142 l. C.) Top of the range we have is 1 099 000 rubles, 140-strong Golf «on full minced» - 1 251 780, Opel Astra (180 hp..) - 1 045 400 rubles. And, of course, most moves will not 2,0-liter versions and versions with a motor 1,5 Skyactiv (120 l. C.), The price of which starts with a mark of 790 000 rubles.

I would have thought about buying a new "three rubles" if searching for a car of this class? Without a doubt. She has disadvantages (uninformative wheel, poor insulation arches), but in addition to all the pluses it has a compulsive character and soul. During this three-day flashback to childhood and the Christmas mood for a great new Mazda3 will always be special to me car. Even if the game invent the wheel, I'll be in the other car.

Nicholas Zagvozdkin
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