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Crossover voice. Test drive Ford Explorer

The updated Ford Explorer - a vivid demonstration of how the weakening of the ruble influence on the Russian car market. For the most accessible version of the SUV, which is not too much has changed, asking to 350 000 rubles. more than before the restyling. However, we were lucky with the Explorer twice.

Firstly, the mountain roads in Chechnya thoroughly cleaned so that we, in contrast to the first group, missed the plane and did not remain without cellular five hours. Secondly, with me in the car he was the owner dorestaylingovoy Explorer - use it to see small changes in an SUV was easier.

External differences updated crossover from the previous version is simple. Explorer has replaced the old optics diode, and it's very important, because in the previous version, even paying for a new car two prices, the buyer could not get anything other than halogen lamps. Another SUV got other bumpers and stylish grille, got huge fog that moved closer to the hood, the new lights and some form of the fifth door. Least of all the changes can be seen when looking at the Explorer into the profile: restyling issued only other moldings and pattern wheels.

By driving the predecessor Explorer generally does not differ. The engines are the same: 3,5-249 liter capacity hp - Conventional versions, 3,5-liter, but with dedication in 345 hp - Have options Sport. The main advantage of this modification - the incredible "voice". If the regular version of whatever drives the motor, the cabin is quiet, this sounds very thoroughbred, in the style of American maslkarov.

At the same time, the sports modification of the SUV turned out to be quieter - the noise insulation of both versions was improved in the context of adapting the car to Russia. Together with additional insulation of the floor and the reserve zone Explorer, by the way, got very effective front and rear camera washers, electric mirrors, windscreen, steering wheel, front seats and second-row seats, metal bumper protection, the ability to refuel AI-92 and 12- year warranty against end-to-end corrosion. And yet there is no perfect silence in the cabin. In the usual Explorer, the noise from the road was more audible. However, the answer is simple: Sport, unlike the 249-strong fellow, was on the studless rubber.

And the "sport" has a more rigid suspension, due to which he feels more confident at maneuvers at speed. But in general, even though it is much faster (6,4 vs. 8,7 up to 100 km / h), the character of both versions is similar - the same as the SUV had before restyling. The Explorer is unperturbed, well clings to the road and is very frisky for a car of this size reacts to the steering wheel. By the way, the "steering wheel" is the only thing that has changed noticeably in Explorer from the point of view of controllability. It became sharper and more informative than before. It became even more convenient to go at night on the road: the car itself switches the light from near to the far one, at the same time reminding that the halogen light has not disappeared here - the main beam is not diode and not xenon.

At first glance, these are all changes. At least that's how it was to think before visiting the premier press conference of Ford. It's good that the owner of the previous Explorer was with us in the car: "Oh, there are two new USB ports behind and, by the way, there is much more room here." The space for the feet of the rear passengers, according to passport characteristics, increased by 36 millimeters. In this case, the machine itself has added only 13 mm in length, has already become 16 mm and lower by 15 millimeters. By the way, the volume of the luggage compartment (with the folded second and third rows of seats) increased by 28 liters. The fifth door now opens like a Kuga - it's enough to hold a foot under the rear bumper, provided that you have a key in your pocket.

Special mention deserve and new multicontour seats with massage function. For some reason they are not available in the top-end version of Sport, and it is a big minus. Massage - it is rather a toy: it relaxes the back and not get bored through 10 minutes, but the seats are incredibly comfortable, even though not the longest pillow. They have 11 adjustable pressure segments that can be inflated through a multimedia system. Compared with uncomfortable seats at the last Explorer, these are great.

But the most significant step in the direction of convenience - this, of course, the replacement of the touch buttons on the physical. In the previous Explorer it was simply impossible to manage, for example, the climate-controlled winter gloves. Now, everything is simple: do not move your finger across the display, and just click on this button. The issue with the sensors, according to representatives of Ford, is closed. Back they can only after significant technological improvements.

In general, the SYNC system from its predecessor is virtually identical: The graphics are nice, understand the menu is still difficult to work without a "loose", but they seem to have disappeared from the previous firmware.

Inside the SUV have little things that did not immediately notice. For example, in other plastic finishes. At the touch and visually it is much nicer than before. On the instrument panel numbers are now read better, but the changed shape of the front struts again drew the attention of our passengers. Later, at a press conference, Ford spokesman confirmed that it is changed. This was done to improve visibility. She's really gotten better, but stand still massive and because they can not see pedestrians crossing the street, and when maneuvering visibility is not enough.

One of our success is superimposed on the other and gave a small negative: we are not stuck in the snow and the mountain did not give a reason to shine wheel drive system. It has five operating modes: "dirt", "sand", "snow", "descend from the hill", "normal". Depending on the system regulates the distribution of torque to the wheels, delays or accelerates upshifts.

Are all the changes that the Explorer has received, 350 000 worth, worth? (400 000 rub in the case of the Sport version)? The SUV was updated with an eye on the opinion of the owners of the pre-style version. They will be satisfied and will most likely buy an updated SUV. However, Ford wants to attract new customers. In America, the Explorer is the best-selling SUV, while in Russia it is far from this indicator. Here ruled the ball Toyota Highlander - one of the main competitors Explorer. As well as Mitsubishi Pajero, Volkswagen Touareg, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Prado. The main arguments for the SUV from Ford, in the opinion of representatives of the company, at least two. The first is the low cost of maintenance up to 100 000 kilometers. It is equal to 105 000 rub., And lower in the class only for Pathfinder - 76 050 rubles. The second one is a rich package, the presence of unique options for the segment, like the second-row inflatable safety belts and automatic perpendicular parking.

In all, four complete Explorer: XLT for 2 799 000 rubles., Limited for 3 049 000 rubles., Limited Plus for 3 179 000 rubles. the Sport for 3 399 000 rubles. Each has a full set of the previous one, plus some other options: 20-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control, rain sensors and so on. The exception is with the option Sport - it does not have multicontour seats which are available in the version Limited Plus. And still a novelty, most likely, will have to fight hard for new customers. Explorer has changed really serious than it seems at first, he eliminated most of its drawbacks, but now it is more expensive than almost all its competitors.

Nicholas Zagvozdkin

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